Friday, February 2, 2007

Mr. Plucky here.....

I have holes - in my socks.

Mrs. Plucky won't buy me any socks because she says she can knit them (which I hope is true, because you should see all her sock yarn). I ask "when can I expect a pair?" And I get this reply - "Oh, sometime this fall..."

So I have to ask, just how long does it take you to knit a pair of mens socks?

Comments and insight would be helpful. My toes are cold.


mary f. said...

dear mr. pluck, my advice about socks would be to buy some warm woolies at j.crew, they're probably on sale as i write. i've seen those toes, and i'd keep them covered.

Bas said...

I have seen your work first hand and it is fabulous-in fact, it is on the head of the cutest cheesehead in all of Wisconsin!

yarnophiliac said...

so, Mr. Pucky, are you interested in learning to knit socks yourself then? ;)