Saturday, February 10, 2007

100 things about me....

I don't participate in too many of these, but since I am new to this blogging business, I thought I would let you in on a few things about me. Not going to tag anybody, but feel free to jump in - would love to read about you too.

A Hundred Things About Me (some interesting, some not)

1. Born in 1973.... Kalamazoo.... yes there really is a Kalamazoo
2. I can crank start an F-20 (that's a Farmall tractor - be sure not to wrap your thumb around the crank as it can buck and break your hand/arm). Grew up 3 miles from the nearest paved road.

3. I think every girl should know how to drive a stick shift. Didn't say you have to drive one, just know how. Drove my Dad's 1979 Ford F150 to school everyday. First car was 1986 escort - manual transmission.
4. Married - 16 years now (actually on March 22)... to a wonderful man. Love him to bits and pieces.
5. Have a smart, beautiful, precocious, and plucky (runs in the family) 14 year old daughter.
6. I am the older sister - Just "H" and myself.
7. My sister is six years younger than me.
8. I have two insanely adorable nephews that I just adore.

9. Have an irrational love of ice cream.
10. I still sleep with the lovey blanket my Grandma L. made me as a baby. It is very tattered, but loved.
11. My Grandma K. taught me to cook and bake - it has been my life's ambition to make the prefect cookie - still trying, getting close. She would be so proud.
12. Loved both my grandma's very much - miss them both.
13. I think it is so important to be a good friend and hang on to the ones you have and who add value to your life. Don't know what I would do without mine (you know who you are...).
14. When I was 12 I broke my neighbors finger by dropping a bag on rocks on her hand.
15. Motorcycles scare me.
16. Favorite drink is vanilla vokda and diet Vernors (that's gingerale for all you non-Michiganians). Tastes like cream soda with a kick!
17. Love old movies. Love them. Casablanca, Thin Man series, Gone With The Wind, anything with Cary Grant.
18. Love the Wedding Singer, Forest Gump, Indiana Jones, Love Actually, As Good As It Gets....
19. I am crazy about knitting. Crazy.
20. My hair. Ugh. Fine, Curly, Frizzy. Ugh.
21. I can still do the splits.
22. Do pilates twice a week. Love it. Very therapeutic and it really does work!
21. Reading is a huge to me.
23. Unfortunately, knitting really cuts into the reading time.
24. Audio books have been a lifesaver, but it still isn't the same
25. I live on a lake.
26. We entertain a lot from May to September (see no. 25)
27. October to April no one comes over.
28. Which is fine with me, that way I get lots of knitting done.
29. Like to waterski.
30. I waterski slalom - too uncoordinated to ski on two. Great bum workout.
31. I make a mean guacamole.
32. Mr. Plucky and I love to play scrabble.
33. We also love to travel. Next on our list~ Europe (specifically England), Arizona (we love going there) and Washington D.C. for our anniversary.
34. Sam, my Boston Terrier, has been the best addition to our family. Never even knew I was a dog person until we got him. Love that little dog.
35. I talk to my Dad almost every day. We are a lot a like, he and I.
36. Wish I could talk to my mother.
37. Own all ten seasons of Friends on DVD
38. My husband is a "Ross" - see no. 37
39. I love history - especially European and American history.
40. Favorite trip as a kid was when my Dad took us to Disney for one day and then on a tour of Civil War battlefields for the rest of the two week trip.
41. When I was growing up I wished I was one of the Judds (not even a huge country music fan). Just liked their songs and the fact they were mother and daughter.
42. Jon Bon Jovi - love him/love the music.
43. Raw meat completely unnerves me. I cannot touch it.
44. I will cook meat - but will only eat it well done.
45. Don't really have a favorite color - but I am not a fan of purple. Not sure why.
46. Love brown, pinks, blues/turquoise (think Tiffany blue), black and all greens.
48. My high school graduating class had 42 kids in it. 90% of us were together from k-12.
49. Want to learn to spin.
50. Perhaps even to dye.
51. Have had a crush on Tom Brokaw since I was 8 years old. I cried when I watched his last regular Nightly News broadcast.

52. Cars drive me crazy.
53. I hate paying for cars and repairs.
54. Love going to movies - nothing like getting lost in a movie for a couple hours.
55. Best concert I ever attended was the Eagles, 2002. Second, Bon Jovi at Soldier Field 2006.
56. Favorite T.V. shows - currently: Gilmore Girls, CSI, Greys Anatomy, ER
57. I have no use or patience for grown women (men too) who never progressed socially or emotionally past junior high. That kind of crazy, no thank you.
58. I am a current events addict. Sometimes Mr. Plucky has to put me on a news diet as I get too upset.
59. Love to knit baby items.
60. Starting to love to knit socks.
61. Obsessed with wearing scarves. I have one on almost all the time.
62. If my neck is warm, them I am warm.
63. Before we go on a trip, I research all the local yarn shops to see if they are worth a visit.
64. I am a nerd.
65. I love to feed people when they come to my house. I get that from my grandma.

66. I have a nervous laugh that is a cross between woody woodpecker and a machine gun.
67. Can't believe my parents didn't get me voice lessons to get that fixed.
68. I wear a size 10 shoe.
69. My favorite coffee drink is a skim mocha, extra hot w/ foam and cinnamon.
70. I love Fall. October is gorgeous.
71. First Spring day is always a thrill too.
72. Humidity makes me cranky.
73. I have had a crush on Tom Brokaw since I was 8.
74. Still have his last Nightly News broadcast on my Tivo.
75. History (taught by Mr. Welborne, who bears a slight resemblance to Tom Brokaw) was my favorite subject.
76. Ralph Waldo Emerson is a favorite of mine.
77. Mr. Plucky got me an iPod - I love it. Didn't even know I wanted one until he gave it to me.
78. I have never knit the Clapotis.
79. Guilty pleasure - North and South mini-series. Own it on DVD.
80. I love to do laundry and iron.
81. Dishes, I hate.
82. Growing up I wished I had dark hair and olive skin. So exotic.
83. When I was born I had 2 sets of great-great grandparents, 4 sets of great grandparents
84. All grandparents were gone by the time I was 25.
85. Wish I knew how to sew - may try that this year.
86. Learned to knit two years ago. So glad I did.
87. Snakes I can handle.
88. Rodents freak the daylights out of me.
89. Wine makes me sick. I like it, but it makes me sick.
90. I want to take a photography class.
91. I was named after a cat.
92. I am very good with directions. North, South, East, West - always know which way I am facing/going....I am usually the navigator on trips.
93. Kind of an aggressive driver. Not sure where that comes from, but driving doesn't scare me a bit. Driven in LA, Chicago and NYC traffic - view it as a challenge.
94. I don't generally like knitting on large size needles (project must be worth it). Anything larger and a 9 feels a bit cumbersome to me.
95. Love NPR
96. Every time I go on an airplane I get sick.
97. Still worth it, as I love travel.
98. I am afraid to fly.
99. I cry at movies all the time.
100. I have taught 6 people to knit.


frecklegirl jess said...


I am not a fan of purple either (unless it is super dark), wish I knew how to drive a stick and am loving vanilla vodka right now. :)

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

#40 cracked me up, and #62 is the reason that I seldom wear coats in the winter - just scarves. It was fun to read all about you!