Sunday, March 18, 2007

That Went Well ~

The destashing sale on eBay that is. I think I will do it again (here is "again"). There is nothing like a good cleaning/organizing kick to make you feel like things are in order.

In other news, I have started on Flair - using some stash yarn (I feel so very responsible and goal oriented typing that). Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi in grey from Pure Knits quite a while ago on sale for $3.00 - what a deal! Just imagine my delight when I realized I had enough for Flair. If all goes well and I love the pattern like I think I will, I may knit one up in a nice cotton too.

I won't post a photo of the progress on Flair just yet, I am still in the boring stage. More to come though. And I can't wait to look through jars and jars of buttons for something quirky and fun. This sweater is going to be all about the buttons.

On the completed knits (or FO's) front, this is all that I completed this weekend:

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Another baby hat. Boy was this an easy peasey one.


Yarn: Yarntini in Vintage (merino tencel blend)

Needles: Size 3 (US)

Little bit of knit, little purl, yada yada. It is so soft and pretty. Another down, so many to go. The next one is going to be a little kickier though - need to mix it up a bit.


Amanda1 said...

Great hat, I love the colors!

Good to hear the ebay sale went well. I, too, had quite a productive weekend as far as the knitting went! YAY!

Talk soon!

peaknits said...

I just love your little hat - thank you for inspiring more ideas for my sock yarn:) I have some self strinping Yarntini I needed to figure out...hats! yay!

peaknits said...

Baby Sweater - now that would be so cute too! I have a skein of Boardwalk in sportweight from Yarntini too and have been stumped! Great idea:) Thank you!