Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dizzy ~

Dizzy with ideas that is......

What has gotten my attention you ask? I am just bowled over and fascinated with the gorgeous handspun yarn creations that I see people posting on their blogs and etsy. Therefore - Must. Learn. To. Spin.

For instance - the talented Natasha with her Luxe yarns (she is whipping up something for me as I type this - will post about it at a later date). Then there is FeltStudioUK - purchased the yarn from the very helpful Cam at The Urban Knit - and made the scarf shown.

I love this scarf! So warm, light weight, and cuddly. Took me all of about two hours last Friday evening while watching a movie with Mr. Plucky (a.k.a. Bob) and I have hardly taken it off since then. 89 yards knit stockinette with a few garter stitches thrown in on size 19 needles. Funny how something so completely simple can turn into something you just love and use all the time. So, goals for this Spring (all the while knitting baby hats and socks):

  • Get spindle (suggestions welcome)
  • Perhaps buy book (again, suggestions?, anyone?)
  • Practice, practice, practice

Now, I leave you with one of my favorite pictures of my boy, Sammy. My Plucky girl took this, she has a great eye - that daughter of mine.


Stacy Z said...

I too have gotten the spinning bug. I highly suggest finding a spinning class spinning on a wheel is SOOOO much fun!!!!!

I have some books and mags email me if you wanna chat on it ;)

Oh did you get my vesper email by the way?

Dee said...

Never mind the scarf - Mr Plucky is scrummy!

Kirsten said...

Cute doggy picture! And I agree with Dee, Mr. Plucky is "scrummy"!

I have a Golding spindle. I really like it. (I'm still learning to spin.) The Golding spins really nicely and for a long time. It also has notches in the spindle so your spinning doesn't slip around. As a beginner, I find that feature really helpful. Stacy is right, a class is your best way. I tried to teach myself from a book. It wasn't until an instructor showed me what to do that it really clicked.

Amanda1 said...

No advice to offer on a spindle. Like you, I would love to learn to spin. BUT, wanted to share that I am a bit of a lurker, and I really like your blog.