Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Goals ~ And the Sheep Heap

Need goals. Distractions killing me.

Spring fever/Spring cold/Spring cleaning/Spinning/Yarn/Knitting/Blogging.... See what I mean? Distractions! And this is just in the knitting part of my world. What's the cure?

Goals. Goals are good. Goals are necessary. Goals keep you focused. So, that's what I am going to do - FOCUS on the goals and post them here so as to keep me on task.

Not necessarily in this order.....

1. Knit more baby hats (still have 7 left!) - (Help accomplish goal #3) - Yarntini Vintage colorway in the merino tencel blend. This is going to be a beret for baby girl #5...yet to be named. This yarn is just perfect for baby knits! Machine washable and so soft and the color!

2. Chevron Scarf for me - aren't they fun? I especially like this little lovely being knit by Cat Duck at Domesticat. Later on I will post several options and put it up for a vote. (Again, helps accomplish goal #3).

3. Continue destashing.... Mr. Plucky is now referring to the stash as "the sheep heap." Even though I commandeered the etagere from the front room (use to have hats, mittens, umbrellas, etc. in it) and tried to artfully arrange some of my yarn and make it look like decoration or even art, if you will, but it continues to nag at me that I have ziplocs upon ziplocs upon.... well, you know. But, look how pretty. (Don't pay any attention to the lack of trim. We recently put new floors down but have yet to put the trim up. See what I mean? Need to focus).

4. Learn to spin - See Friday's post.

5. Knit Flair - but, what color??? Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated. Not into the pastel thing. I am kind of leaning towards either Indigo, Fern, Mediterranean Blue (kind of kicky for spring/summer) or Graphite, then there is always Espresso.

I have to go focus now.


Stacy Z said...

YAY learn to spin!!!

And I vote Pickle actually.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is your Secret Pal, stopping by to say hello :)

I'm in the process of acquiring my first spindle and roving so I can learn to spin, too! Good luck!

Amanda1 said...

"The sheep heap" - I love it. Well, I must have a flock in my home office, then. I have several sheep heaps in there!

I am a "goal" person, too. Thanks for the emails, and pic of your family... very nice.

yarnophiliac said...

mmm...Fern. fern would look great on Flair. And yes, yarn absolutely is art!

Yarn It said...

At least you have goals....I get them and can't stick with them!

Amanda1 said...

You know, I did enter a comment the other day, but I think I got distracted by my 3 y.o. and didn't do the word verification thing.

Anyway, you inspired me to de-stash my yarn, so I'm that much closer to finishing the "Knit from Your Stash 2007" game I'm doing. I'm all about goals, too!

Did you start Flair? I think that is going to be an upcoming project for me, too.